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The Law Offices of Mark A. O'Connor is a professional corporation located on the Central Coast of California in Carmel. We offer clients legal advice and counsel, dispute management, conflict resolution and litigation services. Our services include experienced paralegal and administrative support designed to meet the individual needs of our clientele.

Business Law
Providing counsel and representation on matters of business law including contracts, employment, confidentiality, trade secret, unfair competition, fiduciaries, leases, landlord-tenant, partnership, and collections.

Insurance Law
Representing individuals and businesses to realize the benefits of insurance coverage, whether they need it to cover damages and expenses they have suffered themselves or to defend against claims others make against them. Where liability insurance policies promise protection against harm caused others, we work to ensure our clientele receive the full benefit of that insurance; a defense of any litigation paid by the insurance company and satisfaction of any damage claim paid by the insurance company.

Employment Law
Representing employers and employees to address, resolve or litigate any employment dispute. We advise and counsel our clientele in personnel management, trade secret protection, wage and hour regulation and other matters arising from a business or employment relationship. We provide pre-dispute counseling, alternative dispute resolution and representation in litigation, whether the forum be private arbitration, court trial or jury trial.

Representing individuals and businesses in legal proceedings. We prosecute claims for our clients and we defend claims for our clients. We represent our clientele before state and federal courts, before judges and juries and before private arbitrators. Consistent with client objectives, we handle cases from inception through judgment and final appeal.

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